Sheila Ryan, associate advisor

Sheila’s 29 years in the industry paired with her positive outlook and friendly personality creates the perfect combination for a helpful and effective Associate Advisor with our firm.

Sheila maintains strong working relationships with our existing clients by providing consistent and helpful customer service. She also ensures that our new clients are looked after by reviewing their recently issued healthcare plans and answering any questions they might have about their benefits. Sheila is also helping the office to go green by working on a scanning project with the goal of reducing the amount of paper used by our associates. Overall, Sheila puts her efforts towards ensuring that our clients are well-taken care of and appreciated.

Throughout her working years, Sheila has been employed by a handful of big-name companies in the insurance industry. Between 2014 and 2015, she completed her Canadian Investment Fund Course and successfully achieved her LLQP certification.

With a friendly, outgoing, and knowledgeable personality, Sheila will always go out of her way to assist others. When she is not building relationships with clients, she can be found touring the great outdoors with her brand new motorhome or baking mouth-watering pies.  

Sheila Ryan - edmonton health and dental insurance
Sheila is always ready to help our clients. She’s a friendly and familiar face who goes above and beyond to ensure a great client experience.