Garet Stewart, Managing Partner


In his 20 years in the industry, Garet has provided leadership and support to a number of different organizations and departments. His excellent customer service skills, analytical point of view, and knowledge of Chamber Plan technologies has helped him to reach tremendous levels of success. He has been awarded the Highest National Sales Volume in 2008 and 2010, and he has qualified for the top 100 national conference since 2006. READ MORE


Lee Kinasewich, Managing Partner


Lee works as a Senior Group Employee Benefit Specialist to provide a high level of service and support to small and medium sized organizations. His unique approach to the business allows his clients to choose life insurance, critical illness, and disability benefit packages that suit their individual needs. In his 13 years in the industry, Lee is friendly and helpful with clients who are suffering from illnesses, ensures his relationships are trustworthy. READ MORE

Kyle Fenrich, Managing Partner


Kyle goes to great lengths to ensure that his clients are provided with an outstanding customer service experience by presenting himself with a friendly and personable attitude.  While Kyle attended NAIT to obtain his Business Administration Diploma, he worked in the administration department at Fenrich Financial, which gave him the opportunity to learn how to operate all sides of the company. READ MORE


Joe Huedepohl, Employee Benefits Advisor

Joe has over 14 years of employee benefits advisory experience and is very approachable and helpful. Always ready to listen and work with you, Joe is an expert in small business employee benefits in the Edmonton area. 


Kamil Haji, Employee Benefits Advisor

Kam has worked as an Insurance Advisor for more than 10 years. He spends his days following up on client leads and prospects, he ensures his existing clients receive an outstanding customer service experience, and he takes care of enrolling and servicing new clients. He connects with his clients by maintaining an open line of communication, he ensures every individual is well taken care of and is provided with a benefit package that suits their unique requirements. READ MORE


Boda Bouhamdan, Life & Living Benefits Specialist

Boda approaches his clients with a professional and honest attitude, which allows him to effectively assess their requirements and structure an insurance plan that suits all of their needs. With an analytical point of view and a vast knowledge of insurance products and solutions, Boda works to exceed the expectations of his role as an Insurance Advisor. Boda spends his days meeting with clients as well as preparing plans and quotes. He has been involved in family businesses since his early teens, which allows him to relate to self-employed clients and to bring forth a personal understanding of risk management. READ MORE


Felicia Hunter, Employee benefits advisor

Felicia is our most recently licensed Advisor; with a varied background in client relations, office administration, and management, Felicia has the necessary skills to go above and beyond her role with Gold Key Benefits. She is always developing new ideas to keep our company organized, works hard to create an inviting atmosphere, and does whatever it takes to meet each client’s needs.



As our marketing coordinator, Shaylene is constantly seeking new opportunities to market our company to larger audiences. She works to maintain our online presence by keeping up on social media, creating online marketing campaigns, and keeping our blog up to date with industry-relevant information. READ MORE



Sheila Ryan, Associate Advisor

Sheila’s 29 years in the industry paired with her positive outlook and friendly personality creates the perfect combination for a helpful and effective Associate Advisor with our firm.

Sheila maintains strong working relationships with our existing clients by providing consistent and helpful customer service. She also ensures that our new clients are looked after by reviewing their recently issued healthcare plans and answering any questions they might have about their benefits.   READ MORE


dayna gallagher, executive assistant

Dayna is the most recent member of our team and although she is new to the industry, her friendly and welcoming attitude paired with her undeniable professionalism and work ethic, makes her the perfect addition to the Gold Key Benefits team.

Dayna works as an executive assistant to advisors Lee Kinasewich and Steve Scott; she assists our valued clients with their benefit plans and she is always ready to provide unprecedented customer service! Dayna has a passion for helping people through hard times; she’s happy to help our clients to better understand the details of their insurance policies and she loves playing detective to get to the bottom of tricky claims issues. READ MORE 



Amanda Jennings, Client Services

Amanda’s outstanding knack for customer service has made her a wonderful addition to our Gold Key Team. She helps to answer all our clients’ questions and concerns and is always there to lend a hand when you need her. Although Amanda is new to the industry, her excellent computer skills and willingness to learn have proven her ability to strive in the industry. READ MORE