Garet Stewart, Managing Partner

In his 20 years in the industry, Garet has provided leadership and support to a number of different organizations and departments. His excellent customer service skills, analytical point of view, and knowledge of Chamber Plan technologies has helped him to reach tremendous levels of success. He has been awarded the Highest National Sales Volume in 2008 and 2010, and he has qualified for the top 100 national conference since 2006.

Garet is the Managing Partner and Owner of the Benefits Advisory Group as well as a Regional Manager for the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan. Not only is Garet an Employee Benefit Advisor, he also works to recruit and train new brokers for the Chambers Plan, he develops new training and operational programs, and he also helps to develop new marketing pieces.

Garet provides support to the Regional Marketing Director, the Marketing Team Members, as well as the Advisors and Agencies. He helps to develop new agencies, to recruit new Advisors, to optimize marketing territory, and to conduct agency business reviews. Further to these responsibilities, Garet assists with organizing regional conferences and sales and marketing seminars; his role is pivotal to the sharing of successful information between agencies. He also strives to maintain an excellent technical knowledge of group and life insurance policies, underwriting, and claims.

When Garet is not at work, he enjoys travelling, scuba diving, playing various sports, and keeping up with his physical fitness. He also has a goal of playing at the world’s top 100 golf courses – he is more than half way done, having played at 51 of the courses! 

I am a great person to work with, I will always make you feel comfortable in any circumstance.
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