Do I Qualify for Edmonton Employee Group Benefits?


Group Benefits in Edmonton, Alberta

Navigating the health system even in Canada can be difficult. A person might be with a particular company and wonder if that classes them under those group benefits. In Edmonton, Alberta, most of the group benefit package plans will be under Blue Cross. This is because Blue Cross is affiliated with Alberta Health.

This means that most group benefits in Edmonton will include certain restrictions. These limits might be for capped amounts of money to a particular group of professionals, such as the dentist, per year. Sometimes as in the case of optometry, the limit is set to every two years.

Blue Cross does offer some excellent coverage but will not cover all prescription medications. For this reason, a person might want to shop around for other benefit packages and opt out of group coverage. However, some companies in Edmonton go with alternative companies for group benefits. These plans might include things that regular insurance does not cover. Often group coverage is the way to go because the group benefits are better than any individual insurance package.

It is nice when a person is pleasantly surprised by all the group benefits that a place has to offer. Employers often encourage their employees to take advantage of the coverage. This may be because the health benefits of being well looked after are also useful for organizational productivity.  They also want to help promote the health care industry in Alberta because if the employees do not use their services, then the doctors will lose out on subsidy money from the insurance company. Mainly though employers know that the more that items are utilized on a plan, the less likely that these elements are to be cut back when the next group benefits packages are made. Employees are often loyal to a company that takes good care of them, especially when it comes to health.

It is advantageous to take full advantage of Edmonton group benefits and to explore whether the plan is right for an individual.