Boda Bouhamdan, life and living benefits specialist

Boda approaches his clients with a professional and honest attitude, which allows him to effectively assess their requirements and structure an insurance plan that suits all of their needs. With an analytical point of view and a vast knowledge of insurance products and solutions, Boda works to exceed the expectations of his role as an Insurance Advisor.

Boda spends his days meeting with clients, preparing plans and quotes, and paying great attention to detail while underwriting follow ups. He has been involved in family businesses since his early teens, which allows him to relate to self-employed clients and to bring forth a personal understanding of risk management.

Before entering into the industry, Boda went to NAIT to obtain his Business Finance Diploma and he is also designated as a Personal Finance Planner. Throughout his ten years in the industry, Boda has qualified for numerous Leaders’ Recognition Conferences. He was also the first advisor in Edmonton to qualify for the President’s Conference, which recognizes the top 5% of advisors in Canada.

Boda grew up in a family owned auto repair and sales business, which shaped his passion for sports cars and auto racing. He incorporates this passion into his life by finding the time to work on his cars or race them around the track. Boda also enjoys spending time with close family and friends and loves to explore new avenues of life through travel.

Boda is an advisor who always puts the clients’ needs first, providing them with an insurance plan that meets every requirement they request as well as an in-depth understanding of their policy.