7 Reasons to Try Chiropractic Care

Some people are wary of visiting a chiropractor for fear of worsening an injury, or because they don't know how chiropractic care works, but chiropractic care can be very useful in managing your pain, in correcting your posture, and in helping to maintain your overall health.

Our team at Gold Key Benefits Group put together seven reasons for you to give chiro care a try. Check them out! 

Back Pain


If you experience back pain on a regular basis, your chiropractor can help to align your spine, alleviating your pain. Your chiropractor might also teach you stretches and/or exercises to assist with healing and pain management. 

Headache relief


Similar to back pain relief, a chiropractor can adjust your neck and/or back to help relieve pain caused by headaches. Chiropractors can be especially helpful in providing tips to improve your posture, which will further strengthen your muscles and relieve the pain in your neck, back, and head. 



We know it's confusing to think that a chiropractor could help with gastrointestinal issues, but visiting a chiropractor will help to properly align your body and assist with bowel regularity

Bowel Regularity
Ear infections


Do your or your child experience reoccurring ear infections? Try visiting a chiropractor to resolve the alignment issues in your spine, allowing the fluid in your ears to flow properly, and resolving the reoccurring infection. 

Neck Pain


We know it can be scary to allow a person to crack your neck and spine, but Parallel to back pain and headaches, a chiropractor can help to resolve that unwavering pain in your neck. You will likely find increased mobility and a loss of tension after allowing a chiropractor to work on your neck. 

Arthritis and Joint Pain


If you struggle with arthritis or regular joint pain, a chiropractor can help you to manage your pain. As stated above, your chiropractor is likely to explain some useful stretches and exercises specific to your area of concern; practicing these exercised and stretches will help you to manage your pain and improve your overall health. 

Blood Pressure Regulation


By adjusting your body, your chiropractor is able to improve the natural flow and alignment of your body, allowing your blood and other cells to flow freely. 


Still unsure? Chiropractic care is covered by most group and employee benefit plans! Give us a call to learn more or give a chiropractor near you a try! 

Alberta Dental Fee Guide

Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

Most people do not enjoy going to the dentist, and some even avoid it for reasons such as fear, inconvenience, and largely due to the cost of dental procedures. 

The Alberta Dental Association and College are publishing a Dental Fee Guide for the first time in our province since 1997. The Dental Fee Guide is intended to set a standard for dental pricing, so as to limit overcharges and unaffordable dental care. 

This new guide is set to be effective January 1, 2018, and while it is a great tool to have in place, dental offices are not required to follow the prices listed in the guide.

We recommend cross-referencing your dental office's pricing with the Dental Fee Guide to ensure you are not being overcharged for your dental procedures. Additionally, it is a good idea to ask your dental office for an estimate in advance. You can submit the estimate to your group insurance plan carrier to ask how much of the cost will be covered; this will prevent you from being charged any extra fees at the time of your appointment. 

You should be advised that your group insurance plan will pay up to the suggested price and you will be responsible for any additional costs. 

If you have questions regarding your dental appointment, please reach out to our office. We are happy to help you further understand the fee guide and answer any questions you might have about coverage.