What's included in your Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan?

Extended Health Care Benefits: 


Group health care plans can help your employees and their families pay for necessary medical expenses that aren't covered by their provincial health care plan. 

The Chamber's Plan covers between 50% - 100% of eligible costs, including vision care, prescription drugs, and paramedical services. 

Prescription Drug Plan: 

The Chambers Plan provides a drug card with each benefit package; this allows for immediate reimbursement and prevents your employees from having to pay out of pocket expenses. 

Paramedical Practitioners: 

Paramedical services are covered with maximums of $250 - $600 per person per year based on the type of plan that you choose. Some of the covered services include: 

  • Physiotherapy 
  • Speech therapy 
  • Osteopaths
  • Naturopaths 
  • Chiropractic
  • Podiatrist and Chiropodist
  • Massage therapist 
  • Acupuncture

Medical Equipment: 

  • Up to $25,000 per person for home nursing are
  • Emergency group or air ambulance 
  • Up to $700 per person for hearing aids 

Vision Care

  • Glasses, Contacts, Eye Surgery
  • Up to $200 per person every 2 years for adults and every 1 year for children 

Best Doctors – Included in Every Chambers Plan

When you or someone you love is faced with illness or injury, you want to have access to the very best medical expertise available. That's exactly what Best Doctors gives you.

Best Doctors services are proudly provided to every individual covered under the Chambers Plan at no additional cost. Best Doctors provides Plan participants with the support and assistance they need to make informed decisions about their health care when it matters most. 

Please click this link for a short Best Doctors video. 

Best Doctors — Helping You Take Control of Your Health Care

Best Doctors recognizes that people with serious illnesses may lack the advice and support necessary to acquire the best medical care.

Best Doctors connects patients and their treating physicians with world renowned specialists to confirm diagnosis and correct treatment plans. This allows you and your physician to choose the most appropriate next steps.

There is no additional cost incurred by the insured, whom can also stay in the comfort of their home. Best of all, a dedicated Member Advocate, a Registered Nurse, remains available for one-on-one support and guidance.

Employee Access to Valuable Services

Most business owners agree that efficiency and productivity are improved bygood overall employee morale. Providing great benefits is an ideal way to invest in employee wellness and, in turn, your company's long term success.

Best Doctors could provide a huge benefit for you and your employees and Chambers Plan is proud to offer it as part of every group benefit plan. Best Doctors services include:

InterConsultation – Best Doctors is committed to helping insureds make informed and confident decisions regarding their medical care. InterConsultation provides insureds with an in-depth review of your medical files by Best Doctors' world renowned specialists to confirm the diagnosis and right treatment options—giving you and your doctor valuable insights from top medical experts.

FindBestDoc℠ – This service gives members information on specialists including location, current availability, professional background, and any other details required to arrange a referral.

FindBestCare℠ – If members choose to seek medical care outside Canada, Best Doctors will help them transition smoothly. They'll look for hospital and doctor discounts and will take care of transferring important information to the physicians involved. They'll also provide lodging information when applicable.

Best Doctors 360® – This service helps members take control of their medical care by providing them with a host of resources, individualized support, and current health information.

Protect Your Most Important Asset – Your Employees

The Best Doctors program through Chambers Plan is an important benefit to both employers and employees. By investing in employee wellness, you can improve employee turnover and morale.

Request a quote - one of our skilled advisors will contact you to discuss Best Doctors and the other great employee benefits available when you join Chambers Plan.

For more information on Best Doctors, watch this short video.