Employee Appreciation

It's incredibly important for your employees to feel recognized; what do you do as a business owner to express your appreciation?

We found some tips for you to use to enhance your employee/employer relationship. 

Employee Morale
  1. Engage in conversation and pay attention 
    1. Greet your employees when you come to the office in the morning. Saying a simple hello and asking about your employees' evening and/or weekends is a great way to build your relationship. This can set the tone for a positive work day and encourage your employees to be more motivated at work. 
  2. Share your time 
    1. Share your ideas and listen to your employees' ideas. It takes a team to run a successful business, so don't brush off your staff's ideas because you don't feel you have time. People feel appreciated and important when they are given the chance to share their thoughts. 
  3. Use positive and reinforcing words
    1. Take the time to say thank you. Taking a small moment to recognize a job well done will resonate with your employees; it allows them to see that you noticed their hard work and you appreciate the effort they put in. 
  4. Provide new opportunities for hard working employees 
    1. If you feel your employee is up to the challenge, let them take on new tasks or allow them to share their techniques by training other employees. Your employees will appreciate being given the chance to share their work and ideas with other members of your team. They will feel important for having their work highlighted and are more likely to continue putting the extra effort into their jobs. 
  5. Make an announcement to the whole office
    1. Highlight your employees' job well done by making an announcement to the whole office. Pointing out hard work to the entire group is likely to raise morale and make the individual person feel especially appreciated. 

As we've mentioned previously, employees who feel noticed, appreciated, and recognized are more likely to put extra effort into their work. They will feel happy and motivated to come to the office each day and are less likely to feel drained and/or tired.

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