Advantages of Working With an Advisor

Have you spent hours of your own time searching for an employee benefits program only to find yourself getting lost in the industry lingo?

We know it can be difficult to make sense of the insurance industry, so we're here to help! Our job is to provide you with reliable and trustworthy advice ad to help you find a benefit program that best suits your company's unique needs. 

We are a brokerage - we can shop the market and do the heavy lifting so you don't have to! 

One Stop Shop

As we said above, we can do all the heaving lifting so you don't have to. We will find you a benefit plan that stays within your budget, that best suits your company, and we will compile an easy to read comparison so you can see each plan at a glance. Once you have decided on a plan design, we can set up a meeting to explain the details of your program to you and your staff. Additionally, we are here to help with plan administration and answer any questions you might have after enrolment. 


If you're experiencing issues with your claims, we can help you make sense of it. often times a claim has not actually been denied, but rather put on hold. We can help to get to the bottom of the program and have your claims processed in a timely manner. 




We know it's frustrating to try to get a hold of the right person to assist with your claims or general questions, but we're here to help! You can make our office your first call, speak to someone familiar, and we either solve your problem or send you in the right direction!


Overall, we're here to make your life easier; we strive to provide the best customer service possible and we want to ensure you are always satisfied with your group plan. 

Please give us a call if you have any questions, or if you'd like help setting up a new group plan!