Age Limit Increased for Orthodontic Coverage

Your Chambers Plan’s Dental option includes orthodontic coverage reimbursing 50% of eligible expenses for dependent children up to age 17. Effective August 1, 2015, the Chambers Plan will amend its Master Contracts to cover eligible orthodontic expenses for dependent children up to age 18. Dependents who recently turned 18 will be eligible to submit claims for charges incurred after August 1, 2015, up until their next birthday. There is no increase in premiums as a result of this change.

Since the change is an enhancement to the wording in your Employee Booklets, we will not be reprinting booklets at this time. Please let your Plan participants know of this change. They can print the Change Notification and keep a copy of the change with their previously issued Certificate of Insurance and Employee Booklet.

Plan participants using my-benefits® will find the Change Notification under Forms & Tools/News & Publications/Amendments.